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Corrugated Animal Bedding Material, Cardboard Animal Bedding

The Stock-Terra Company manufactures a complete line of corrugated animal bedding material. Each minimal dust, highly absorbent, corrugated bedding solution has been extensively field tested and is engineered to exceed the rigorous demands of bedding materials.

(Bedding size variety shown above)

Our animal bedding brands include: Ovation Horse Bedding, Extol Poultry & Game Bird Bedding, Acclaim Camelid & Sheep Bedding, and Versi-Bed Animal Bedding.

The demand for environmentally sound production solutions, for basic agricultural practices, is growing everyday. The Stock-Terra Company is poised to meet these challenges through comprehensive manure management services, environmentally responsible animal bedding material.

The Stock-Terra Company can assist you in your search for sound management solutions whether you raise sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, horses, swine, dogs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, own pets, or operate an event center or county fair.

Extol Poultry & Game Bird Bedding Ovation Horse Bedding
Acclaim Camelid & Sheep Bedding
Versi-Bed Animal Bedding
At Stock-Terra we offer Ovation, Extol, Acclaim, Versi-Bed, corrugated animal bedding, cardboard animal bedding, corrugated horse bedding, cardboard horse bedding, corrugated alpaca bedding, and cardboard alpaca bedding. Our minimal dust animal bedding and low dust animal bedding is environmentally friendly animal bedding. These livestock bedding solutions and small animal bedding solutions are perfect for poultry, game birds, sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, horses, equine, swine, pigs, dogs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and pets.